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Banor mitti bilden

More Swim in Swimrun - May 28th 2023

With over 20% swimming both the EX Long and Short course offer a tough and challenging race in and around Edsviken in Sollentuna. 


The EX course is comprised of three sections. The North, The Bridge and The Crossing. The initial The North consists of long swims mixed with relative easy run sections. In The Bridge the swims are shorter while the run sections are much tougher and more technical. During The Bridge is also where you can work up your temperature needed for The Crossing. Here you will experience the longest and toughest swims mixed with only short runs. The Crossing will finish with Falcon Mountain Base Jump* 6m straight down into Edsviken for the final 650m swim to Landsnora and a short 700m run to the finish at Edsvik. 

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