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Supersafari toppen

EX Safari Tour 17-18th July

Welcome to a fantastic Swimrun adventure at the absolute outer edge of the Stockholm archipelago. So far out that there are only islets, rocks, and the horizon left. Together, we will push ourselves as far as possible to experience Swimrun as we believe it should be experienced. Free, challenging, and adventurous.

We will divide ourselves into two smaller groups based on Swimrun level, where one group will do Swimrun and the other will paddle sea kayaks. After the first session of about 4 hours, we'll have lunch on an islet, and then the groups will switch tasks. Upon reaching the goal at Bullerö approximately 10 hours later, we'll have dinner, enjoy the tranquility, the light, and the vast sea at our feet.

Day two continues with the same setup, where the groups switch at lunch between Swimrun and kayaking, to land back on the mainland in Stavsnäs around 5:00 PM for an After Swimrun dinner at Stavsnäs Hamnkrog.

Regardless of whether you're currently doing Swimrun or kayaking, you will have an incredibly cool experience of the archipelago, as close to nature as you can get, and a great workout with a lot of swimming.

Only a limited number of 12 spots available!

Read more and book your spot for this summer's Swimrun adventure!

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