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ARK Supersprint was hosted for the first time on May 16th as the world's first ever individual Swimrun Supersprint. An extremely short and arena friendly course at Edsvik just outside Stockholm with only 1000m running in two sections and 200m swimming. 

The Supersprint is run in heats with only 3-5 racers on the starting line. It's all about positioning and the tactical play will be decisive. Like Ski-Cross meets sprint cross-country skiing.  

Supersrint toppe

Film and editing: Otto Norin,

Supersprint Champions

In 2021 the course records were set and we saw our two first Supersprint Champions. Max Andersson with the time 6:10 and Desiree Andersson with the time 6:49. 

In 2022 we saw even more World Champions and elite competitors, mixed with some really hot Wild Cards on the starting line. When the dust cleared Hugo Tormento (FRA) won with the record-breaking time of 5:51 and Desiree Andersson (SWE) defended her title and set the new course record time of 6:32.

2023 saw new faces on the starting line with sprinters, olympic swimmers and super fast Swimrunners of course. Winners in the end were Sabine Rapelli and Johan Skåbratt, course records from 2022 still standing.

Supersprint - 25th of May 2024

The field will as previous years consist of personally invited elite competitors and wild cards. If you think you have what it takes, or want to nominate a racer, contact us on

Supersprint Time Trials 10.00-11.30

We will also offer everyone else a chance to secure a spot on the starting line to show the elite who's boss! In the morning we will open the course and let everyone who wants to set a time. The fastest times will secure a spot on the starting line.

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Supersprint course

An extremely short and intense course with start and finish at Arena Edsvik where the crowd will gather to see the entire course. The first section consists of 800m running down Stallbacken, past Edsbergs Castle and around the bay to transition 1. Swim section of 200m past the fountain and across the bay to transition 2. The course finished with a brutal 200m run section back up to Arena Edsvik and the crowds cheers. Short, tuff and extremely fun!

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