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ARK Supersprint was hosted for the first time on May 16th as the world's first ever individual Swimrun Supersprint. An extremely short and arena friendly course at Edsvik just outside Stockholm with only 1000m running in two sections and 200m swimming. 

The Supersprint is run in heats with only 6-10 racers on the starting line. It's all about positioning and the tactical play will be decisive. Like Ski-Cross meets sprint cross-country skiing.  

Film and editing: Otto Norin,

First ever Supersprint Champions

When the final was over we were proud to crown the world’s first ever Swimrun Supersprint champions and declare two new world record times. See all the photos, videos and relive the live feed on our Facebook page

Winner Female: Desiree Andersson: 6:49

Winner Male: Max Andersson: 6:10​

ARK Supersprint by EX Swimrun 2022

​To the ARK Supersprint 2022 we will once again invite the Swimrun Elite a chance to battle it out. Who will be on the starting line will be communicated well in advance via our social media channels. If you think you have what it takes and should be offered a spot, contact Elisabet Pärsdotter Westman on 0709 26 71 71.

Supersprint Time Trials

We will also offer everyone else a chance to secure a spot on the starting line to show the elite who's boss! In the morning of june 11th between 10-12 we will open the course and let everyone who wants to set a time. The fastest times will secure a spot in the ARK Supersprint later in the day.

Just register and pick-up a bib at the Racers Lounge at Edsvik. The course will be marked and secured by our volunteers and all official times are registered in an app. 

Good luck!