16 May


Tough trail & cold swim!

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Welcome to the EX21 weekend

We welcome you to a day full of Swimrun. Due to the current Corona-virus restrictions we have revised the EX weekend to one day. We are proud to announce that we will host both the world's first ARK Superspring and EX Supersafari on may 16th.


First out is the premiere of ARK Supersprint with the world's fastest swimrunners attending. Later in the day we wil host the EX Supersafari, a perfect challenge for those who love the freedom of Swimrun and aren't afraid of some tough trail and cold swims. 

It is our ambition to develop and reinvent the sport and we have already launched several world firsts.

World first - ARK Supersprint 

Sunday May 16th

 As the first race in the world we have launched a Supersprint in Swimrun. An extremely fast and intense race with head-to-head elimination heats in order to crown the world's first Supersprint champions.

World first - EX Supersafari

Sunday May 16th

A really cool adventure where you participate with others. In small groups you will be supplied with a local guide, a map and a time limit to grab as many check points as possible. You will be in and around several lakes in the area.

First - SPRING & FALL Edition of EX21

SPRING cancelled until further notice due to Corona virus

We offer you a chance to measure your development during a swimrun season with a FALL and SPRING edition along the same course. Five months seperate the two races. Start and finish your season with EX!

World first - Swimrun pursuit!

To maximize the experience EX21 will host the world's first ever Swimrun pursuit. All teams will be seeded and start with regular intervalls. The expected fastest teams will start last and can begin the pursuit of the teams ahead. Game on!

First - Falcon Mountain Base Jump by Dewalt

Before the final swim section we challenge all participants to jump 6m from Falcon Mountain. If you do not want to jump you can choose "chicken line", 75m longer with 0m jump. Dewalt will sponsor a launch ramp and awesome prizes.

First - Sleeve is the new bib

Instead of traditional bibs we will offer all participants total freedom and moverability with our brand new sleeves. Transitions will be faster than ever!


 EX21 - Stockholms NEW Swimrun

EX21 starts and finishes at Edsvik in Sollentuna, just 15 min from Stockholm City.


18km running on tough trail and gravel paths around Edsviken in both Sollentuna, Solna and Danderyd municipality. 


5km swimming in Edsviken divided into 14 swims between 20 and 650 meters. The temperature in the water is between 10-14 degrees celcius. 

The race will commence with the Falcon Mountain Base Jump. A massive 6m cliff jump into Edsviken for the final 650m swim. Do you dare jump? 

Real swimrun!

SPRING cancelled


ARK Supersprint Invitational

An extremely short course where the tempo will be brutal. The race will consist of several head-to-head elimination heats to crown the world's first ever Supersprint Champions. 


A selected few have been offered the chance to participate in the inaugural Supersprint. On the starting line we already have legends like Annika Ericsson, Fredrik Axegård, Simon Börjesson, Marika Wagner and many many more. 

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EX Supersafari

An adventure Swimrun for those that love the sport, but not the competitive side with a fixed course. Together with like minded small groups of 6-8 persons are created. Each group has a local giude that will help collect as many check points as possible during a fixed time.

Adventure, community and experience based Swimrun!


Register to EX21

We welcome you to register to the EX21 experience that suits you best. We look forward to treating you to a challenging and magical day with the love of the sport in focus. You are more than welcome to do both the Supersafari and EX21 Spring.


Swimruncupen Stockholm organises a series of Swimrun competitions from May to September in and around Stockholm. Races for everyone from beginners trying Swimrun for the first time to experienced Swimrunners looking for perfect training session. Swimruncupen is also a forum for like minded to meet and share experiences. 

Swimruncupen is run by Elisabet Pärsdotter Westman who has podium finishes in f.ex. Ö-till-Ö WC, Ö-till-Ö Scilly, Ö-till-Ö Utö, Ångaloppet, RockMan, LED etc.

Read more on Swimruncupen.se


Challengize is a partner and platform for proactive and inspiring digital health Challenges. A modern and global alternative to the traditional step challenge. 

We also organise several other unique experience races like Sollentuna Summer Winter Marathon, RUNmaröloppen and SMIR (Stockholm Multi Island Run).

Challengize is developed by Nicholas Roman, an avid race organizer with a passion for Swimrun safari but also has merits from Ö-till-Ö WC, RockMan, Koster Swimrun, Amafibiemannen etc.

Read more about Challengize on go.challengize.com


Swimrunrib is a community for Swimrunners who want to experience the Stockholm Archipelago. Train and enjoy the true conditions of the archipelago with like minded friends in secure and reliable conditions. Swimrun safari! 

SwimRunRib is run by Pehr Westman with merits as a project manager for Nordic Island Adventure Race (NIAR) and Ö-till-Ö WC and merits from own participation in Ö-till-Ö, Ångaloppet, LED etc.

Read more about Swimrunrib on Facebook

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