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Race information

It is our goal to offer all our participants a professional and awesome experience during EX Swimrun. As a part of that we have gathered all the questions we think you can have. We recommend that you read all of them before the race. 

This page will be updated continuously up until the race. 

Start time EX Long & Short

EX will start at 12.00 CET with a mandatory Race Meeting at 11:45. EX Short will start with a mass start and after that EX Long will start the first groups of the pursuit start. Starts will therefore take place between approximately 12.00-13.30. Make sure you give yourselves plenty of time to pick up your race info, store your gear etc.

Starting time ARK Supersprint 

Start at 12.00 with a mandatory Race Meeting 11:45. 

Supersprint Time Trials

The Time Trial will be open between 10-11.30 the same day as the Supersprint. 

Start and finish

All races will start and finish at beautiful Edsvik in Sollentuna. Address: Landsnoravägen 42, 19157 Sollentuna.

Toilets at the start and finish

There will be several toilets at the start and finish area. The lines will as always increase the closer we get to the start. There are more toilets at Medley Sport- och Simhall about 250m away.

Shower and sauna after the race

Via our partner Medley Sim- och Sporthall we can offer a hot shower and relaxing sauna after the race. By showing your race bib entry is free of charge. 


Getting to EX by car

We recommend traveling by public transport, but if you arrive by car you can park at Edsvik. If the parking close to the arena is full there are plenty of more parking spots at Medley Sim- och Sporthall as well as Rudbecks Gymnasium, both about 250m away.

Getting to EX with public transport

Edsvik is really accessible by public transport. The closest bus stop is Edsvik and then you just walk a short 5 min walk past the castle through the park. If you are coming from Stockholm City just take the commuter train (pendeltåg) from Stockholm City to Sollentuna Station and then the bus. Have a look at Google Maps.


Staying over in Sollentuna and dinner recommendations

We have gathered lots of information and tips about where to stay and eat on a seperate page here.

Bag drop

We will have a simple bag drop by the start and finish. It will be unattended and we take no responsibility for any valuables. You can also leave a bag at Medley Sim- och Sporthall in a locked locker free of charge. Just show your bib. 


We recommend you to use the free of charge locker at Medley if you have any valuables to leave behind. 

Checking in and picking up your race kit

Check in your team or solo by the start and finish at Edsvik. Make sure you have plenty of time as we will be running the EX Supersprint Invitational at the same time and the ques may be quite long. .

How long are the the EX courses?

EX Long is 24km with 19 runing and 5 swimming. EX Short is 14km with 11km running and 3km swimming. For more detailed descriptions check out the course overviews here: Long and Short.

What is the seeding for the pursuit start based on?

We will do our best to seed all the teams properly before the start, but bear in mind this is the first time ever it has been done. When you register you give us information about your latest race which helps us. Also, we know a lot of you participating which will also help us.  

How will the pursuit start work?

We will be starting teams and solo-participants in small groups with a few minutes inbetween from Edsvik. It is your responsibility to be at the starting gate in time for you start. Our speaker will also help you be at the right place at the right time. 

Hydration and energy during the race

There will be four energy stations along the course. At the stations you will find water, energy drink and other energy. Under the course section you will find a map with detailed information about where the energy stations will be along the course.


Eco friendly mugs along the course

We will have eco friendly paper mugs at the energy stations but please feel free to bring your own reusabel mug as well. ​

Safety during the race

We will have a lot of paid staff allong the course, both on land and on the water. They will be placed along the course and mark swim/run sections and staff energy stations. On the water we will have several boats to secure the swim sections from other traffic. We will also have at least one professional rescue team on the water. You as a participant are also a big part of our security team and are expected to help other participants in need. 

All solo are strongly recommended to have a safe swimmer buoy during the race, but it is not mandatory. We are working on having buoys to lend at the start/finish if you do not have your own. 

Can you be more than 2 people in a team?

No. In EX Swimrun you are either part of a two person team, a solo participant or a Cani-Swimrun team. It is of course fine to team up along the course and help each other out.


What type of terrain will the runs be in?

The terrain is a mix of prepared gravel paths (50%), trail full of roots and stones (20%), some parts entirely off-trail (15%) and asphalt (15%).

How is the course marked?

All run sections will be marked with orange so called enduro-arrows. The transitions to and from the swim sections will be marked with yellow enduro arrows, beach flags and in some cases a staff member. 


The swim sections will be marked with a beach flag at finish and/or a staff member. On some of the longer swims a bouy and / or a floating beach flag will also mark the way. 

What water temperature can I expect?

During a "normal" spring the temperature in Edsvik at the end of May is about 15-17 degrees Celsius. 


In which classes can you participate?
As a team you can participate in male, female and mixed. In the solo class as male or female. Cani-Swimrun is only one class. 


Can you dive into the water?

It is strictly forbidden to dive into the water at any time. You are expected to jump feet first and at the final Falcon Mountain Base Jump evcen try to get some extra style points!

What is Falcon Mountain Base Jump?

The jump marks the start of the final swim and is about 6m high. Participants will jump from a cliff on Falkberget, Falcon Mountain. A sponsor will secure the jump by building a small ramp for extra safety. It is important that all participants jumping have secured their equipment like paddles, glasses etc. If you loose any equipment you will have to finish the race without it. Make sure to smile during the jump as we will have photographers documenting the jumps and prizes for best jumps. 

Do you have to do the Base Jump?

Of course not. For those that choose not to jump there is an easier way into the water to the left of the jump. You can there walk all the way down and enter the water in a much less spectacular way and join up with your team mate. 


Can I get my registration fee back in case of illness etc?

No. We therefore recommend that you have the appropriate insurance, f.ex. Folksam's insurance called Startklar. 

Can you make changes to your team?

Yes. For a small 295 SEK fee you can make changes in your team. This is not for us to make money, but administrative tasks take quite a lot of time so we need to charge a little fee. Email us your requested changes to and we will help you out. 

How is the time keeping done?

We use our friends app for time-keeping. At all timing stations out on the course and at the finish we will need to see you race bib nr so make sure you help us out here.

Can you follow the race along the course?

Yes. IT's pretty easy to get around the course by bicycle or car. We recommend these spots that are extra easy to get to. 

Bergendal Kursgård, Sätra Äng, Ulriksdals Slott, Stocksundsbron and Tegelhagens båtklubb. 

Can you follow the race online?

Yes, you will be able to follow the Superpsrint live via our social media. The EX races can only be followed live as a spectator or participant.

Will I get a medal?

Yes. All participants will receive a medal or something even cooler upon finishing the race. 

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