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Supersafari toppen

EX Safari Tour Info

The idea behind this adventure is that everything is included, and you as a participant should be able to enjoy many fantastic hours in the archipelago together with others.

Participant Levels:

The requirement for you as a Swimrun participant is that you are a moderately to strongly skilled swimmer, as we will reach a SWIFA of at least 30-35% and 4000-6000m swimming per day with only short runs. You should absolutely be able to swim 1-2km continuously in the sea and maintain a moderate group pace for at least 4 hours. We will help each other and take turns, but unfortunately cannot accommodate beginners or weaker swimmers. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions before signing up.

As a kayaker, it's good if you have previous experience paddling, but not required. We will use double kayaks, and pairs can assist each other. However, you should be comfortable on the water and able to paddle for at least 4 hours at a fairly moderate pace.

Equipment to bring:

A more exact packing list will be provided closer to the adventure, but each participant will need Swimrun gear, clothing for kayaking, and personal energy supplies. Food, drinks, kayaks, and everything else are included.

The Schedule

Below is an approximate schedule of how the adventure will unfold:

08:00 Gathering in Stavsnäs - Group division, kayak packing.

09:00 Stage 1 - First session of Swimrun and kayaking to Check Point 1.

13:00 Lunch - Lunch at Östra Vidskär and group switch.

14:00 Stage 2 - Second session to Check Point 2.


18:00 Bullerö National Park- Dinner and relaxation at Bullerö Vandrarhem in the outer archipelago.


07:00 Breakfast - Breakfast and planning for stages 3 and 4.


08:00 Stage 3 - Stage 3 with Check Point 3 as the goal.

12:00 Lunch - Lunch in Solvik at Nämndö Krog and switch for the final stage.


13:00 Stage 4 - Stage 4 along parts of the ÖtillÖ course in reverse.


17:00 Finish - Finish in Stavsnäs with dinner at Stavsnäs Hamnkrog.

What does the adventure cost?

As you can understand, an adventure like this incurs quite a few expenses such as kayak rental, boat transport, food, drinks, safety measures, etc. However, I'm not doing this to make money but to experience an incredibly unique adventure together with you. Therefore, the price will be based on the actual costs with a slight margin for unexpected expenses. It will be a bit more than most regular Swimrun races, but on the other hand, you'll get 36 hours of the most exotic Swimrun experience possible in the utterly unique environment where the sport was born.

Number of spots: Maximum 12 athletes

Price: 3500 SEK per person 

Registration opens 1/4 so contact me via the register button for more info.


About the organizer, Nicholas Roman:

I am an adventure enthusiast with a passion for Swimrun and have participated in events such as Rockman x 2, ÖtillÖ World Championship, Koster Swimrun x 4, and also organize events like EX Swimrun and ARK Supersprint.

I have spent my summers on Runmarö my whole life and have explored large parts of the archipelago since childhood by boat, dinghy, kayak, and ice skates. During the summer, I engage in a lot of Swimrun, especially what I call Swimrun Safari in the outer archipelago, where the focus is on nature experience and adventure. For this adventure, I have extensively explored the area, and together with local contacts, I want to offer this unique setup to more people who want to share the adventure with me.

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